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The Chosen Few French Bulldogs Australia

Created the first ISABELLA and TESTABLE CHOCOLATE French Bulldogs in Australia.

Research shows that dog owners are more active, have lower blood pressure, experience lower levels of stress  and have a greater sense of emotional well being. But owners of our French Bulldogs already know that!

At The Choose Few French Bulldogs, we strive to provide quality purebred puppies to our customers. Having the best bred dog is something that you and your family deserve. All our special little puppies are microchipped, vaccinated, vet checked and have a copy of their breeding papers prepared before they leave us for their new homes. We also include a puppy pack to help you provide a good start for your new family member.

Who we are?

We are a small in-home registered breeder dedicated to breeding high quality and exotic coloured French Bulldogs. We strive to ensure our dogs are healthy and with good structure, taking great care with our bloodlines and breeding program. We are very proud to be the home of the first Isabella French Bulldogs born in Australia.

All our puppies are raised amongst our own family members, and are well socialized with both children and other pets. This helps our puppies transition more easily into their new homes. Socialising you new puppy to vital to helping create a well-adjusted adult dog who can go anywhere, is relaxed with other people and is generally fun to be with.

Our set of services in the industry

We are not a puppy farm! We are a home-based breeder that loves taking care of the world’s best bulldogs. When you come to our home to visit your potential new puppy, you will also get to see how we live with our beautiful Frenchies.

We recently welcomed Australia’s first visual testable chocolate French bulldog puppies born in Australia. They were sired with imported semen from America. The Testable Chocolate gene has only recently been introduced into French Bulldog lines in Australia and we are thrilled to be the first successful breeder!

Why choose us

One of the reasons we love our French Buldogs so much is their even-tempered and playful nature. They don’t bark much but are very alert and can make great watch dogs. Frenchies are also real charmers and smarmers who just love attention, making them ideal for life with singles, couple or families. While they like to explore and go for walks, they don’t need a lot of exercise, so are suitable for city living too.

As a responsible dog breeder we really encourage all our prospective owners to visit us in our home and meet our puppies and their parents. We’d like to get to know you so we can help you choose the right puppy for your specific home environment.

Not only do we readily find homes for our adorable puppies, we also make sure we find the best homes possible for our beautiful ‘retired’ breeding dogs too. Ask us about this is you feel a mature French bull dog may be more suitable for your home than a playful puppy.

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