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Looking for a purebred, premium quality puppy to bring that extra dash of joy and excitement to you and your family? We are home to the best Frenchie Puppies, who are bred and raised with lots of love and attention in our own home. With an international breeding program as part of our business model, we pride ourselves on being a high end breeder providing the best purebred French bulldogs. We are also a close knit family of dedicated and caring people who love to take care of this special and exotic breed of dogs. We know that with a positive and loving environment our puppies can develop into dogs who create real joy and bring invaluable benefits into the everyday lives of homes around the world.

If you are searching for the best Purebred French Bulldog Puppy for your family, or maybe just for youself, then you have come to the right place. We offer the best exotic French Bulldog pups in Australia, handraised in our own home, and we encourage you to visit our pups before you choose one as your own!

The gestation period for French Bulldogs is around 64 days although they can be born a few days earlier depending on what’s happening with mum and pups. After the puppies have been born we help mum and her babies out as much as possible.

Because we live with our Frenchies, we are able to stay with them 24/7 – all day and all night – for those first few weeks of their puppy lives to make sure they thrive during this crucial early period. During this time we also make sure that mum is healing properly from her C-section, getting lots of rest and eating plenty of the best and healthiest foods to help sustain her and to help her produce enough milk for her gorgeous litter.

We start introducing solids into the diet and potty training our Frenchie puppies at around 3 to 4 weeks of age. We also start introducing them to the outside world – which they love! – and we have lots of fun playing and watching them grow. Our Frenchie Puppies are just so curious and cute to boot!

The puppy viewing process generally starts when the pups are around 5 to 6 weeks of age, after they have achieved some basic training and feel more confident being away from their mum for short periods of time.

This is also a great opportunity for you to come and experience first hand how we raise our beautiful rare French Bulldog puppies. It also gives you the opportunity to meet the proud parents (and us too!).

Just before they turn 8 weeks old, the puppies are Microchipped, Vaccinated, and have a final vet check. Then they are ready to go to their new loving families. If collecting your new Frenchie Puppy in person is not an option, then speak to us about our world class delivery service. In some cases we can even deliver your new puppy to you personally.

These beautiful Frenchie puppies bring so much joy to our own lives and we are proud to offer a unique French Bulldog to your family too. Come and visit our Frenchie Puppies in person and they will surely steal your heart, just like they have ours.

If you are interested in any of our upcoming Chosen Few French Bulldogs litters please email us with your details or call us on 0421 703 649 and we will get back to you with all the important information.

Our Upcoming Litters will be updated shortly – Stay tuned!

What can I say, This has been many years in the making‼️

And I am truly excited to share this pairing.
This amazing litter is going to consist of Blue & Tans and possibly some Creams.
Health, Structure and Temperament always a must !!
Due the 25-06-24
Sire- The Chosen Few- Biggie Smalls – Blue and Tan-
Carries Cream, Testable chocolate, No brindle, Double intensity, DNA Clear, 8kg.
Dam- The Chosen Few- Dakota – Lilac and Tan-

No brindle, No pied, Cream, Double intensity, DNA Clear, 7kg.

Licensed breeder with MDBA: 12905

For more info please contact me on 0421703649.

RSPCA Approved  ✅

And a big shoutout to our team;
Reproduction Specialist Dr Jasmine Hyatt for always knocking the ball out of the park with the confirmation of 7 pups.
And our veterinary team Dr Robin & Dr Katerina, who work hand in hand to deliver the finest results together.
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