How do you know a puppy is healthy?

All puppies are genetically tested to confirm their colouring and to rule out any genetic defects. This is a standard testing we have done to guarantee the quality of our pups. We also have the puppies checked over by the Vet.

All puppies come genetically tested (as stated above), microchipped, registered and fully vaccinated.

There are some conditions that all Bully breeds are prone to. We advise that you do your research into the breed to be aware of these conditions as some conditions are not able to be DNA tested.

Why are some puppies worth more than the others?

There are several factors that go into determining the price of a puppy. Some of there are:

Their unique genetics – the colouring in which they do or do not carry. Not all puppies carry a particular gene which makes a unique colour so therefore they are essentially rarer.

Wether they are sold with or without breeding rights (papers see below)

Male or female.

The puppies pedigree. (who the parents are and the family tree they come from).

No one puppy is the same they are all unique.

What are papers?

When we talk about papers we are referring to their breeding papers. All our puppies come with papers which shows who the puppy’s parents are with both parents family trees listed, the puppies date of birth, microchip number, etc. It’s basically a puppy’s birth certificate.

Also noted on the papers are if a dog is for breeding or just for a pet.

If a puppy comes with full papers (breeding rights) then you can breed with that puppy.

If a puppy comes with limited papers then that means the puppy is a pet only.

How do I purchase a puppy?

First you are best to view the puppy and we will have a chat to you to determine if we think a French Bulldog is suitable for you and your family. We want to ensure our puppy’s are going to loving homes and will be loved as much as we love them.

Once you have decided on the pup you want and we believe you are the perfect match we require a $1,000 deposit which is non refundable as this will guarantee that particular puppy is yours! We will also require some general information from you.

When the puppy is old enough at 8 weeks old. We require the remainder of payment and this is when you pick up your pup.

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